The Big List of Things Not to Do in a Hotel Room

Man's hand holding a door handle opening the door to reveal inside a modern hotel room

Confessions of hotel staff from all over the world will leave you horrified and disgusted. It’s true there are too many people out there who have no shame in misbehaving in places outside their homes. Of course, there are different levels of bad behaviour in hotels, not all bad things are embarrassing, some are simply annoying. For your sake, this list has left out some of the more disturbing confessions, but below is an informative list of things you should never do in a hotel room.


Break Something and Lie About It

Accidents happen all the time and most hotels will be very understanding if it is a one-off. Understandably you may not feel you should have to pay for something you broke when it was an accident. However, hiding something that is damaged can cause a lot more harm than you may think. If you break the phone but don’t tell anyone and the next guest has an emergency, they unknowingly won’t be able to call reception. This could be dangerous. Also, broken glass can seriously injure someone. You could miss a piece when cleaning it up yourself and a maid or another guest could hurt themselves.

Inside a classic hotel room with dark wood desk and chair beside french window looking out to sunny street.

Leave the Bathroom Door Open When Having a Shower

This may be surprising to some but steam from showers can set off hotel fire alarms (yes, it has happened before). Always close the bathroom door.


Cover the Fire Alarms

Following on from the shower steam setting off the alarm, certainly, do not cover up your fire alarm to have a cheeky smoke in your room. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. Smoke detectors are there to keep guests and staff safe, they must remain uncovered always.

View inside a modern hotel room with white walls, white bed and flat screen TV.

Restock the Mini Bar

The hotel room fridge is stocked for guests to enjoy; however, it is still to be paid for. One of the oldest tricks is to fill the bottles back up with liquid of the same colour. Trust us, that will never work. Maids are trained to check the fridges thoroughly as soon as the guests leave the room so that it can be added to the bill.