Merchant City Restaurant Food Type Guide

Merchant City Restaurant

The Merchant City Restaurant Scene

The Merchant city originally started out life many years back around the 1750s near an area known as salt market and also Trongate. Many merchants and traders setup homes and shops in the area and wealthy Tobacco and tea/sugar traders also invested in large mansions in the area. In the last 40 years the merchant city has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. In the 1960s the area was run down and lacked investment and footfall. However over the past 40 years the area has become one of the most popular areas in the city hosting a number of big name stores such as Armani , Bang and Olufsen and many pubs, bars and restaurants. Essentially this area has become one of the most popular metropolitan areas of Glasgow.

Merchant City Restaurant- Cuisine types

Within the area of the Merchant city there is almost a unique Merchant City Restaurant to suit each and every taste. From Indian , Italian , Brazillian , Chinese , Japanese , Mexican and American. Theres a lot to choose from and so later in this Article we’ll talk you through different types of restaurant you can find and what they have to offer.

Merchant City Restaurant – Indian

Indian food is among some of the most flavourful and adventurous food you can come across when eating out and we highly recommend checking out an Indian Restaurant in the Merchant City. If you are a fan of spicy foods going for a hotter dish may be more to your tastes. We recommend trying Kashmiri chicken. If you’re lower down on the spicy end of the scale you may want to consider a dish such as chicken tikka massala. This is a fairly mild dish with cream and tomatoes mixed through to reduce the sting of the spices.

Merchant City Restaurant

Merchant City Restaurant – Italian

When it comes to Italia Restaurants in Glasgow you may be spoilt for choice. There are many throughout the city centre and west end so why not venture in the merchant city and try a Merchant City Restaurant. Some of the most recommended dishes are Carbonara, Spaghetti bolognese and Bruschetta.

What Makes The Perfect Merchant City Restaurant

Whenever eating out there are a number of different factors that can come into play. They can go from making your night amazing to an absolute car crash.

  • One of the biggest and most overlooked factors is ambience. Sometimes you may come across a nice looking Restaurant but once you are seated you realise you are the only table and there is no background noise whatsoever! Compare this to going into a Restaurant that is a bit busier and the place feels more alive.
  • Another important feature that can make the perfect Restaurant is of course the food. There is nothing worse than coming home after a meal feeling ill. This is why its important to do your research when it comes to food and Restaurants. The taste of the food is important and you can normally tell food is cooked correctly by the way it tastes and what flavours it is holding.
  • Price is another important factor when it comes to eating out. In this day and age we are all counting our pennies and pounds and any savings that can be made usually are. However its always nice to treat yourself when eating out once in a while.