How Have Holidaymakers Travel Plans Changed? How Can Hotels Adapt?

Across the UK millions of us every year choose to go on holiday abroad. Some of the largest numbers go to Spain with many also going to Italy and Greece as well. However the way that people gas changed fundamentally due to the use of the internet. Increasingly customers are finding their own offers rather than going into travel or holiday agents.

What Has Led To These Changes In The Holiday Industry?

There have been a number of different factors which have led to these significant changes within the holiday industry as a whole. One of the main reasons is increasingly people have access to computers and the internet at home. This means that people are less inclined to visit a travel agents to find the best deals. Across the internet there are a variety of holiday and flight comparison websites where people can surf the web with ease and choose and organise their own holidays.

Another reason why holidaymakers may choose to organise their holiday from their own home is cheaper prices and better deals. Often better deals and cheaper prices can be found online. However despite this travel agents often have skills and expertise that allows them to get good deals as well as organising package holidays. The popularity of online holidays/shopping is having a severe impact on the travel industry overall and many holiday and travel agent organisations are having to restructure in order to adapt to this change.

How Can Travel Agents/Companies Adapt To This Change Overall?

There are a number of different ways through which travel agents and companies can adapt to this change overall. One of the best ways in which they can adapt to this change is by developing a stronger online presence in order to compete with the price comparison sites as well as online deals that many people are finding online.

One of the best ways in which they can compete with these rivals is by running promotions and promoting them online as well as in-store. Emphasis on package holidays and the experience of the travel agents may help to attract new customers. Often people may be more inclined to go for a package holiday with a travel company if they know they are getting a good deal overall.

Online Changes

Another key way in which travel companies and travel agents can adapt to this change is by improving their overall website. Having a fast and responsive website. Having a fast and responsive website means that people are for more likely to spend longer on their website and eventually as a result make a purchase.

A further way in which performance can be improved is through the process of SEO a.k.a search engine optimisation. SEO influences how high links appear in the search results overall and working to improve this could lead to a significant increase in overall sales.


Overall to conclude it is clear that in order for travel companies to be successful on the whole it is important that travel agents as well as travel companies adapt to this change overall. This can be done through market research as well as a variety of online and offline methods overall.