All You Need To Know About The High Lift Pallet Truck

High lift pallet truck

The high lift pallet truck is a form of equipment which is becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of different industries. In this article we will establish why the high lift pallet truck has become so popular and look at it overall as a form of equipment.

What Is The High Lift Pallet Truck Used For?

Typically the high lift pallet truck is used within logistics , warehouse , storage , retail and events environments. Its primary use is to lift heavy pallets and due to its unique design it is able to do this at height.

This makes it an excellent asset within a warehouse or large storage environment as it can move pallets that have been stacked quickly and effectively providing the operator is well trained. The stacker is generally used for moving pallets at height but can also effectively move pallets on the ground as well.

High lift pallet truck

Why Has This Form Of Equipment Become So Popular?

One of the main reasons why the high lift pallet truck has become so popular overall is its effectiveness in the role. The pallet truck only requires one person to operate and can be used for long periods of time. Overall it requires little maintenance and is very robust and versatile.

Another reason why this form of pallet truck is so popular and successful is the overall availability on the market. There are a variety of different types of the same piece of equipment available and it can often be found at cheap and affordable prices overall. Here are some of the main advantages it can offer summarised:

  • Can reduce the overall risk for workers moving heavy goods at height
  • Can greatly improve overall efficiency and productivity
  • Simple and easy to operate overall
High lift pallet truck

Alternatives To The High Lift Pallet Truck

There are a number of alternatives on the market that can be used for the same or a similar role. Each of these have their own inherent advantages and disadvantages compared with the high lift pallet truck overall.

The forklift truck is another highly popular form of equipment which is used in many different countries across the world. One of the main reasons the forklift is so popular is due to its weight capacity. Forklifts can lift weights up to three tonnes and sometimes more. They can quickly and effectively move goods in many different environments and there are smaller models to suit confined working environments.

Although having said this there are a number of disadvantages that the forklift has compared with the pallet truck. One of the main disadvantages of the forklift is its cost. Overall forklifts cost considerably more than regular pieces of equipment. This is partly due to their overall weight capacity as well as speed and size. Normally they are powered by a small petrol engine. or are electric.

High lift pallet truck


Overall to conclude it would appear that the high lift pallet truck is a very popular piece of kit which can be used in many different environments effectively. It provides a cost effective alternative to other forms of equipment.