Event Crew Hire and Event Structure’s for Haunted Hotel Halloween Party

The UK is full of all manner of haunted premises, from homes to hotels and everything in between. One of the benefits of your business being near somewhere that is advertised as haunted is the tourism that it is likely to bring. Whether you yourself run a haunted premises or own a business near one, you can benefit from the unknown.

This article will tell you how you can utilise event structures as well as why you should opt for event crew hire when organising a hotels Halloween event.

Hosting a Haunted Hotel Event

If you have a premise that is haunted, then planning and hosting an event, whether it be a one-off or a regular thing, can be a great idea for any business. Some ideas of events that you can offer include;

Murder Mystery

One route you could go down would be a murder mystery – sort of like a real-life game of Cluedo (except no one actually gets murdered). You will need all manner of props and clues to be able to carry this off in a convincing way.

Ghost Hunting

If your hotel is truly haunted (or you want to give the illusion), then hosting ghost hunting at night may be perfect. As well as being able to host events like this for Halloween, there is also an opportunity to open your hotel to haunted tours all year round. Many people love to go in search of the supernatural and this could be a great idea to bring your business in some extra cash. You can opt of special event crew hire to host the event.

Halloween Ball

Invite guests to dress up for a night that they’ll not be able to forget. Throwing a Halloween themed ball is a great way to bring in more people to your haunted Halloween event. If your space in the hotel isn’t big enough, then hiring event structures will help open up your space, whilst still enabling guests to be inside.

ghost hunting

Event Crew Hire

Event crew hire is essential when it comes to hosting an event. They can be on hand to ensure that your guests have everything they need. As well as this, event crew hire can ensure that your in-house staff can still attend to the other guests who are not attending the event, without spreading themselves too thin. This will make the experience for both your staff and your guests a lot better.

event crew hire

Event Structures

If you want to go all out for your haunted hotel Halloween party, then utilising any land that you may have access to and using event structures may be a great idea. Not only will this add another layer to your event, it will also open up the event to more people by increasing the size of the venue. Temporary event structures come in all different shapes and sizes and can be a perfect option when it comes to hosting an event of any kind.

event structures