Increase In Demand For “Staycations”

Recently there has been an increase in demand for “staycations” across the UK which has come about mainly as a result of the unfolding coronavirus pandemic. Such has been the severe impact of the pandemic that there has been a monumental drop in demand for holidays abroad. This is partly because most airports have shut and transport is restricted mainly to key workers.

What Is A Staycation?

In short , a staycation is essentially a holiday within the UK rather than going abroad. The idea behind it is that there are plenty of places to visit ad explore across the UK which can be acessed without needing to travel abroad.

This is likely to lead to a significant increase in the number of people choosing to go camping or living outdoors for a short time in order to enjoy a break. One of the main appeals of this type of holiday is that holidaymakers can enjoy nature as well as a low cost holiday without putting themselves at great risk.

In previous years long ago before the 21st century our ancestors the Victorians were pioneers of this type of holiday. Each year millions of UK citizens would visit various landmarks or beaches around the world in order to enjoy what the UK has to offer in terms of holidays and leisure.

How Might This Help The UK?

There are a number of different ways in which this might help the UK overall. One of the main ways in which this might help the UK is by boosting the local economy. One of the brilliant effects of people choosing to holiday within the UK is that the local economy can enjoy an upsurge in demand as more people choose to shop local and use local services.

As well as helping the local economy , this can help to create new jobs in the area and as a result drive sustainable growth in the long term.