Why You Should Consider Storage Glasgow While Renting On AirBnB

storage glasgow

AirBnb has been a massive success since it broke the internet in 2008 as a marketplace for property owners to put up their home for rent for people on short stay vacations. With peer ratings and identity checks in place, it is a pretty safe alternative to staying in a hotel. However if you leave your property to a bunch of strangers, you may want to put your valuables in storage glasgow.

storage glasgow

Safety Storage Glasgow

If you currently live in your property and let out a spare room or your home as a bed and breakfast then you will absolutely want to put personal and valuable belongings in a safe place. Storage Glasgow you will be able to store your belongings either long term or just for the weekend.

Refurbishment & Redesign

If you are a property owner who has chosen to make B&B your business then self storage Glasgow is your answer. By putting your furniture and belongings into storage it will allow you a blank canvas to work on. Putting your furniture into storage during your refurbishment will also mean your belongings won’t get damaged by paint or marks.

Interior Design Tips

Here are our top tips for delivering the best instant hotel in your home.

  • Clean and Bright
  • Trendy and modern design
  • White bed sheets
  • Welcome Gift Bags
  • Spare toothbrush, shower gel, shampoo and phone chargers
  • Artwork
  • Lighting
storage glasgow